2013 Tillman Scholar

Adam Slepian

University of Pennsylvania

The son of a teacher and a former Army medic, and grandson of two World War II veterans, the words freedom, democracy, and service were instilled in Adam from day one. He was destined to follow in their footsteps and after graduating from West Point in 2004 began his service as an Infantry Officer.  

Ultimately, Adam became an Army Special Forces Officer and his greatest honor was leading a team of Green Berets on deployment to Afghanistan. While there, the mission was multi-faceted, but the realization set in for him that true means of progress and development come through economic means. It was at this point he decided the next step would be to acquire the knowledge necessary to affect change in this capacity and chose to move on with his career as a civilian and earn an MBA.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015, Adam began his next career in management consulting. He now uses the knowledge gained through his experiences to serve organizations in the public and private sectors while working with veteran based non-profit organizations focused on providing educational outlets to our nation’s veterans. His belief is that this generation of veterans truly has the potential to lead and continue service in any industry.