2021 Scholar Challenge


Pay it Forward

Last year, we had 91 scholars join in our Scholar Challenge, raising nearly $30,000 for the Tillman Scholars program. Can we outdo last year? Our goal: we want representation from every cohort, from 2009 – 2021 and we’d love to get 20% of our scholars to participate.

Anyone who donates or pledges to donate $150 between now and Dec. 31 will get a Tillman Scholar Hydroflask and two bags of our new private label coffee, Brew 42 and Brew 40 Too! We’ll be giving this one-of-a-kind gift to any scholar who gives $150 between today and Dec. 31. If a family member or a friend donates on your behalf (or in honor of you as a Tillman Scholar) in this period, you’ll still qualify to receive the gift pack. If you can’t do $150 up front but make a pledge for a recurring donation that adds up to $150 over a year, that will count too.

Thank you again for your support—and for investing in the future of our program. 

The Tillman Scholar Community

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