2022 Scholar Challenge


Pay it Forward

The Scholar Challenge is back!

Last year, we raised $25K for the Tillman Scholars program as part of the Scholar Challenge. Are you ready to pay it forward? 

Every gift makes a difference for our community; if you can give back, we appreciate it. We’ll also count donations from friends and family made on your behalf toward our challenge goal and our 2022 incentive.

Anyone who donates or pledges to donate $150 between now and Dec. 31 will get a custom Tillman Scholar portable speaker! We’ll be giving this one-of-a-kind gift to any scholar who gives $150 between today and Dec. 31. If a family member or a friend donates on your behalf (or in honor of you as a Tillman Scholar) in this period, you’ll still qualify to receive the speaker. If you can’t do $150 up front but make a pledge for a recurring donation that adds up to $150 over a year, that will count too.

Thank you again for your support—and for investing in the future of our program.

The Tillman Scholar Community

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