Invest in Leadership


Cause Marketing Partnerships


Companies can build better communities by syncing with ideals such as service beyond self and leadership through action. A public partnership with the Pat Tillman Foundation can cultivate loyalty and uplift your brand

Donate a Percentage of Sales

Businesses that donate a percentage of sales from products, services, events or auctions show customers that they care and help drive sales and brand loyalty. The Pat Tillman Foundation  must approve and enter into an agreement with you before engaging in this fundraising collaboration.

To receive approval, please email us.

Please note:

  1. We encourage your interest and support, but approval of your fundraising campaign will in no way constitute an endorsement, express or implied, of your product, service, company, opinion and/or political position.
  2. Fundraising activities that support the Pat Tillman Foundation mission and strategic initiatives will be considered. We will not approve anything that is deemed in bad taste or inconsistent with our mission or core values and principles.

Collect Donations from Your Customers

Engage customers around their compassion and give them a way to take action by offering a Customer Donation Program. Whether it’s ongoing or during meaningful times throughout the year, an in-store or online collection effort for the Pat Tillman Foundation can be launched quickly and easily.

A potential partner must enter into an agreement with the Pat Tillman Foundation before engaging in any donation collection activity. Please see the following options and email us to explore a partnership:

  • Apply to host a Customer Donation Program in-store or through the checkout process on your website
  • Request a designated donation link be created for your company to promote donations directly to the Pat Tillman Foundation
  • Propose a different opportunity