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If you are advising a client who is considering a planned gift or bequest to the Pat Tillman Foundation, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in helping your client. Please feel free to contact us any time for further information or assistance on a confidential basis.

Here is some basic information about our organization:

Legal Name

The name of the corporation is the “Pat Tillman Foundation”. The corporation may conduct its business and affairs, and otherwise hold itself out, as the ‘Pat Tillman Foundation’ in any jurisdiction. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Tax I.D. Number

The Pat Tillman Foundation’s Federal Tax Identification Number is #20-1072336.

Gifts can be designated to the Pat Tillman Foundation.  Consistent with safeguarding its own interests, the Pat Tillman Foundation tries to make arranging a gift for the organization’s benefit as easy as possible, and we strive to honor the intentions of all our donors.

Bank Information

JP Morgan Chase

Full Account and Routing Number

Account number 570720172
Routing number 071000013

This routing number can only be used for direct deposits and ACH transactions. For wire transfers, please use routing number 021000021