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Tillman Scholars are experts in their fields and work to make an impact in communities at the local and global levels. The Pat Tillman Foundation elevates their voices by promoting Tillman Scholar stories in the media.



Make Your Mark: Jayme Hentig From Patient to PhD. Regeneration Requires a New Path

“The saying is courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to do it anyway that is a lot easier when you have

Make Your Mark: Dave Prakash On Embracing Connectedness with Ourselves and Each Other

“When you live as you are, without fear, hesitation, or doubt… you can make room in your life for people that are very different from

Make Your Mark: Cultivating the American Dream Through Early Intervention with Sadia Heil

“I hope to help more families access early intervention as I explore ways providers can be more empathetic and culturally competent.” – Sadia Heil, Make Your Mark talk.

Make Your Mark: Transitioning From Military Service with Karen Gallagher

“Transition from military service is inevitable, yet we do little to prepare women and men for this emotional experience, for what’s coming — the sense

Make Your Mark: Pushing Body Armor into the Next Generation

“We need to make real advancements forward rather than incremental movements because if we do not, we’ll be in the same position with a threat
Christian Dunbar

Make Your Mark: Fighting Campus Rape with Christian Dunbar

“We are the people that will lead our nation, and we will create lasting security inside of our borders, not just outside of our borders.
Tillman Scholar Andrew Fisher

Make Your Mark: A Path to Zero Preventable Deaths with Andrew Fisher

“We can stick with a status quo, or we can change our approach to trauma care. […] I’m part of a community of medical professionals
Make Your Mark: Chris Diaz

Make Your Mark: Pushing Limits of Human Performance with Chris Diaz

“Remember: the struggle to be the best version of yourself is the ultimate fight worth striving for.” – Chris Diaz, Make Your Mark talk. Our
Jameson Lopez Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark: How Jameson Lopez Fights Invisibility with Data

“And [my mom] said, ‘JD, you’re Native American. You’re Kwatsan.’ And my eyes lit up again, and almost as soon as she told me, I
Katie Piston delivers her Make Your Mark talk on how to change your fate

Make Your Mark: Changing Your Fate with Katie Piston

“Above your genetics, what complex interplay of forces not only impacts your health but shapes who you are? If we’ve solved the human genome, why
Make You Mark: Emily Junkins

Make Your Mark: Emily Junkins and the Road to Scientific Discovery

“You see we keep looking in the same places and finding the same things, and the need to access these new drugs is more dire
Halli Lannan delivers her Make Your Mark Talk in 2017

Make Your Mark: Halli Lannan on Living Your Truth

“…I live this way so that those that I encounter understand that people facing tragedy, trauma, and adversity are not broken — they are leaders,