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TILLMAN TUESDAY: Entrepreneur Erik Wittreich is Privileged to Be Part of Scholar Family

Pat Tillman Foundation   |   By Jill Walsh   |   Mar. 10, 2015
Wittreich Painting 2

Pat Tillman Foundation can’t fulfill its mission to empower military veterans and their spouses without the generosity of our supporters across the country. Nationwide, nearly 350 Tillman Scholars are striving to impact our country and communities through their studies in medicine, law, business, policy, technology, education and the arts. Every “Tillman Tuesday,” we are committed to highlighting the individual impact of a Tillman Scholar, focusing on their success in school, career and community—all thanks to your support.

In this week’s edition of Tillman Tuesday we had the chance to catch up with 2013 Tillman Scholar Erik Wittreich after he completed the 408k Race to the Row in San Jose, CA. Wittreich is gearing up for Pat’s Run where last year he and fellow scholar Jon Andrews raised over $20,000 for the annual run held in Tempe, AZ. In addition to running and raising funds for future Tillman Scholars, Wittreich is an Entrepreneur starting his own business, Hinted.


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