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TILLMAN TUESDAY: Scholar Kimberly Jung Finds Career through Saffron Spice

Kimberly Jung_Rumispice

Pat Tillman Foundation can’t fulfill its mission to empower military veterans and their spouses without the generosity of our supporters across the country. Nationwide, over 400 Tillman Scholars are striving to impact our country and communities through their studies in medicine, law, business, policy, technology, education and the arts. Every “Tillman Tuesday,” we are committed to highlighting the individual impact of a Tillman Scholar, focusing on their success in school, career and community—all thanks to your support.

In this week’s Tillman Tuesday we chat with 2014 Tillman Scholar Kimberly Jung who recently graduated from Harvard Business School and will now focus full time on her benefit corporation, Rumi Spice, which she co-founded in May, 2014. How Rumi Spice serves their customers benefits Afghanistan, specifically Afghan farmers – with no tradeoff between the financial and social return. Kimberly will visit Afghanistan at the end of this summer to oversee the process facility Rumi Spice established in response to saffron production doubling this year. The facility will employ 200 Afghan women to pick and process and cut and dry the saffron. (more…)

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