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TILLMAN TUESDAY: Military Spouse Amy Rowland’s Firsthand Experiences Inspire Play Across America Business

Pat Tillman Foundation Communications   |   By Jill Walsh   |   March 1, 2016
Amy Rowland_Featured Media
While relocating on several occasions due to the military and not being able to find parks during their travels or in their new neighborhood, the idea of Play Across America was born

Pat Tillman Foundation can’t fulfill its mission to empower military veterans and their spouses without the generosity of our supporters across the country. Nationwide, over 400 Tillman Scholars are striving to impact our country and communities through their studies in medicine, law, business, policy, science, education and the arts. Every “Tillman Tuesday,” we are committed to highlighting the individual impact of a Tillman Scholar, focusing on their success in school, career and community—all thanks to your support. This week we catch up with Amy Rowland who was selected in the first class of Tillman Scholars in 2009. A Military Spouse, Amy graduated from Capella University with a Master’s in Educational Psychology in 2010. With four kids under the age of seven, Amy is the founder of Play Across America while also serving as a TODAY Show Parenting Team contributor. She and her husband David are stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. where he was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel with Joint Special Operations Command. (more…)

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